Residental Services

  • Residential House Calls
  • Custom PC Builds
  • System Maintenance
  • One-on-One Instruction
  • Router & Switch Configuration
  • HDTV & Sound System Installation
  • eBay Listing & Paypal Set-up
  • Virus Removal & System Restore
  • Apple iOS Set-up & Training
  • Apple Hardware Installation
  • MacBook Hardware Installation
  • PC Laptop Hardware Installation
  • Data Extraction
  • SSD Installation
  • Platform & Device Integration

JOAT CS was a startup produly serving residential and individual clients right at their home office both in person and/or screen sharing. Over 25 years, later we proudly continue that service today.

Our residential services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to cater to all your tech needs at home. These include residential house calls for real-time assistance and custom PC builds tailored to your specific requirements. We provide regular system maintenance to keep your devices running smoothly, and personalized one-on-one instruction to help you navigate your tech efficiently.

Network-related services such as router & switch configuration are also covered, ensuring a seamless online experience. For your entertainment needs, we offer HDTV and sound system installation services. To help you with e-commerce, we also assist in eBay listing and Paypal setup.

Our team is well-versed with multiple platforms and can integrate various devices to work in harmony. Virus removal and system restore services ensure your system's safety, and we also provide setup and training for Apple iOS users.

We specialize in hardware installation across a range of Apple products as well as PC laptops. Data extraction services are also provided to safeguard your valuable information. And to enhance your system's performance, we offer SSD installation services. In summary, we cater to various technological needs, aiming to enhance and simplify your residential tech experience.